Episode #182: Hello Chinese Investors
Brian's becoming a neo-prepper, Justin's back problems are unveiled, and we pitch videogames that the boys totally made ...
2 gün önce
Episode #181: That's A Pony!
It's a music-filled episode as we do our best to discern if that's a pony or porny. Plus, the end of the summer movie dr...
9 gün önce
Episode #180: The Dirigi-bros
Brian's off to reach out and touch those teens, we pilot our new aerial-based podcast, and a devilish game of Japanese c...
16 gün önce
Episode #179: Quirky Comedy Podcasts With Suspect Male Leads
Feisty rides in Uber, double- and triple-entendres, and Real or Fake: Netflix Category Edition.
23 gün önce
Episode #178: All I Want To Do Is BLANK BLANK BLANK BLANK
Justin's in town and we're bringing you all the best porn name puns. Plus, the debut of ClickBlank. Quiz number 3 will w...
30 gün önce
Episode #177: The Orthodontic Lawsuit
The boys take a breather after two hectic weeks. Plus, we get lost in translation with a hearty round of Translation Par...
1 ay önce
[BONUS] JuRY OPP: Other People's Pain
Justin Robert Young's presentation of Other People's Pain, a retelling of brutally painful, brutally funny tales. Live f...
1 ay önce
Episode #176: Live from Nerdtacular 2017
We're live from Nerdtacular 2017 and we have a cavalcade of stars! Brian Ibbott, Wil Harris, Mike TV, and Paul and Storm...
1 ay önce
Episode #175: Pinch the Nodule
Laser hair removal, hand surgery horror, and Action News (launching on Kickstarter this Friday). Just your normal Night ...
1 ay önce
Episode #174: The Rumdela Effect (w/ MikeTV)
MikeTV surprises us to talk about these fake-ass DJs and officiates a naval law proceeding that, of course, turns into a...
1 ay önce
Episode #173: Baby Shark: Scales of Justice (2019) (w/ Tom Merritt)
Brian teaches his daughters to lie, Tom talks about The Mummy, and we create a brand-new cinematic universe that we NEED...
2 ay önce
Episode #172: King Bigboopityoops (w/ Mikey Neumann)
We tackle some inner deamons and Mikey is back with a dastardly videogame-based quiz. It's-a me...danger!
2 ay önce
Episode #171: The Bingo Bus
Brian is seriously concerned about sexual congress among the elderly. Plus, we obliterate the """"fake news.""""
2 ay önce
Episode #170: Vague Liaison
We harness the power of neural networks in the first-ever FaceApp FaceOff. Plus, adults rolling around? What does it mea...
2 ay önce
Episode #169: Speaking Bryce to Power
A new achievement, the history of Bryce, and sugar dates. We've got what you need, fellas!
3 ay önce
Episode #168: Make America Really Nice One More Time!
Bonnie gives us this hot new disease, oddities from AliExpress, and a new character.
3 ay önce
Episode 167: FOX, The Cable, Entertainment Network, Where You Can See Shows Such As.
We judge the chatrealm's singing skills on Chatrealm Idol: a variation of a former show on FOX, the cable, entertainment...
3 ay önce
Episode #166: Caliph8 and the Furious
Brian's new comedy routine, serious discussions, a new sponsor, and unpacking with the audience a real-time miscommunica...
3 ay önce
Episode #165: Gooseblunts
What's happening with our good neighbor Alex Jones, what does it mean to be "fake," and Real or Fake with horror author ...
4 ay önce
Episode #164: Chrome Extensions and Chill (w/ Wil Harris)
The Britto Wil Harris is back and we found out who really knows the kids these days. Plus, a deep talk about sex tapes!
4 ay önce